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About Xtreme Auto Glass

A company's quality starts at the roots

The Demand

Colorado is one of the nation's busiest auto glass states due to the harsh weather that occurs in our state. There is a demand in Colorado for quality auto glass services with certified and knowledgeable technicians with a passion for your safety.

The Search

Audie, owner of Xtreme Auto Glass, was a technician for 8 years and a manager for 2 years for Safelite Auto Glass. He realized there was a problem in the industry. Customers were being charged too much, customer service was a thing of the past, and consumers were struggling to receive the quality services they requested. Audie received several awards for top technician and has multiple certifications. It was time he took his expertise out of the corporate setting.

The Future

Xtreme Auto Glass was established in early 2016 to bring back quality auto glass services and customer service. We are focused on turning the auto glass industry into a passion driven industry leaning on safety and quality service. Xtreme Auto Glass has become one of Colorado's fastest growing companies.